AMD Streamlines Down to a Single Socket Next Year

One of the most annoying things when upgrading parts of your system to a new generation, is without a doubt the need to replace the motherboard due to a new socket. That could be a thing of the past coming next year, at least if you shop for the red teams products.

Granted, AMD is already a lot better than Intel in this area. I don’t know how many times I have cursed Intel for their constant changes, too many to count. Anyway, new information now shows that AMD might be working towards one unified socket for all their systems, the FM3.

Another upcoming change is that the southbridge will be baked directly into the processor die, creating a SoC solution. This in return allows for the universal socket and possible cheaper motherboard. Manufacturers will need to create less components and can reuse more over the entire line, not to mention they’ve one less thing to add to the board.

Thanks to MyDrivers for providing us with this information