AMD Shoot Down R9 285X Rumour

Ever since the launch of the AMD R9 285 Tonga graphics card, there has been plenty of rumour that AMD would soon be launching another card in the series; the R9 285X. It was long suspected that the new card would feature 2048 SPs, a 384-bit bus and 3GB of GDD5 VRAM.

Unfortunately, a quick question on Twitter was quickly shot down by AMD, so for all it matters now the R9 285X may as well have featured 12GB of GDDR5 and have been powered by fairy dust.

Has the card gone completely or is AMD throwing a curve ball to make people focus on their current range of cards? Who knows, it wouldn’t be the first time a massive corporation has told a white lie to help their sales, but until some more solid information leaks about the next AMD graphics cards, I’m going to assume the 285X is no longer on the roadmap.

Thank you Computerbase for providing us with this information.