AMD releases Radeon HD 6850 and HD 6870 pictures

All week long, we have posted information about Nvidia based cards, as well as speculations about AMD based 68xx series cards, and finally we have some product shots of the 6850 and 6870 cards direct from AMD, and after a conference call with the graphics giant, we have a bit more insight to these highly anticipated cards. Shame we can only share so much with you.

You can see from the picture, the rough sizing of the card based on the fan and pci-express connector dimensions.

From this view, we can clearly see the connectors on the card which includes two mini-DisplayPort, HDMI and two DVI ports. This leads us to believe that their is more to eyefinity that AMD have currently let on.

We can clearly see the single CrossFire connector which rules out any four-way graphic configurations, unless AMD have something up their sleeves for users wanting that?

The styling on the card is simple yet elegant with the theme being passed on from the 5770 and 5850 based cards that we already know and love.

The card comes with a single 6 pin PCI-express power connector, which leads us to believe that this card will have a TDP of sub 150watt. We may be wrong, but we are simply calculating from existing AMD cards.