AMD Releases Mobile Carrizo APUs and Cuts Desktop Kaveri Pricing

AMD is busy releasing the OEM models and mobile solutions in order to get that part out of the way early as well as prevent anything from stealing news space from their highly anticipated next generation of CPUs, APUs and not to forget GPUs such as the R9 390x liquid cooled micro card.

This time around they’re ready with five new Carrizo mobile APUs that already have begun shipping and being available in Greater China. Worldwide availability will follow shortly as the chips make their way across the globe to manufacturers and resellers. The information is relative sparse at the moment, but we do know that none of them have a TDP higher than 25W and go all the way down to 2W, have two to four CPU cores and a clock speed up to 2.5GHz backed by up to 2MB cache. The only exception to the quad-core and 2MB cache scheme is the small AMD E1-7010 APU that only has half of both.

The Carrizo platform will be extended to the desktop market later and it will also enter the FX processor line-up. But until that time arrives, AMD cut the prices on the current Kaveri desktop APUs. Cheaper products is a thing that we always like to see and AMD cuts up to a third of their original pricing.

Thank you TomsHardware for providing us with this information