AMD R9 Fury X CrossfireX 12K Eyefinity Review

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Final Thoughts


Well, what a ride, crossfire in general is very hard to setup correctly regardless of the screen resolution. Be it that drivers aren’t properly optimised or the games themselves aren’t programmed to work with more than one GPU; either way the results aren’t very favourable in general. During the original R9 Fury X crossfire review, we saw extreme performance along with near perfect scaling; so AMD has addressed the issues and rectified them, in the programs we test with anyway.

The performance that we saw today was what crossfire was made for, pushing the boundaries of performance at ultra high resolutions. Okay, we may have only tested at medium settings, but only 3-4 high-end card setups could handle that type of performance requirement that is required for the resolution that we are using. In most of our tests we saw over 90% scaling and performance was very near the golden 60FPS on average, which is extremely good not only at this resolution but for AMD in general considering the rocky past with crossfire compatibility.

Performance then seemed to drop off in the newer and more demanding games such as GTA, where such detail is put into the environment around the player as well as what the player can see. One of the worst parts of testing today was the Unigine Valley test, the application hasn’t been fully optimised for 12K resolutions and when faced with two brand new cards it failed; code probably hasn’t been entered to recognised them.

So what about the fairly heated subject of 4GB HBM VRAM? At 4K, the R9 Fury X was a competitive match for the larger capacity GTX 980Ti and Titan X and even at this high resolution; it can still put up a good fight. However, when the VRAM limit is reached, you start seeing FPS drops, which are becoming more evident in the more demanding modern games. Even though this is the case, don’t let it put you off. Two R9 Fury X graphics cards will cost around £1000, then three additional 4K monitors will be around the same price; so in total you are looking for at least £2000 for the most basic 4K monitor and dual Fury X setup. Is it worth it? Of course it is, it’s crazy and fun, but for now, 4K is better suited to dual Fury X, perhaps we’ll get more Fury X cards and try 12K again, at higher settings, once drivers have matured a little.


  • AMD offer ample performance through the Fiji XT GPU, some instances over 60FPS
  • Crossfire drivers are now working well
  • HBM technology is at the forefront of innovation


  • 4GB VRAM is starting to limit the cards
  • Two Fury X graphics cards are power hungry
  • 4K is still relatively expensive

“The triple monitor setup really starts to put a strain on the HBM touting graphics cards, but they still manage to pull through and offer amazing performance.”


AMD R9 Fury X 4GB 4K Triple Monitor Review

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4 Comments on AMD R9 Fury X CrossfireX 12K Eyefinity Review

  • Avatar Thomas Olson says:

    Why not just have one giant monitor? What’s the point of this? You’re pushing three times the pixels for just about no gain. Just get a 48″ curved quantum dot TV and call it a day. More screen without the ugly bezels. It will run faster, and probably cheaper too.

    • Avatar Robert Johansson says:

      Normaly 3 screens allows an immersion for gaming you cant have with one single big screen.

      Thats the point a better gaming exprience.
      more screens also increase productivity at work.
      all good things

      • Avatar Thomas Olson says:

        Yeah, those giant black bars are extremely immersive… How is that better than one screen that is larger than these three combined? Even nicer with a curve.

        One 4k screen, you can split up into multiple as well for Windows productivity. 4k offers a lot more than just gaming goodness.

  • Avatar nem says:

    what about an gpuz shot ?

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