AMD R9 280X, R9 280 and R9 270X Price Cuts Come Into Effect

We heard last week that AMD would be slashing prices on its mid-range GPUs to make way for its new Tonga GPU and now this has started to come into effect. AMD is lowering the pricing of the R9 280X and everything below it in their product stack. The first vendor to implement the price cuts is HIS who have been price cutting on their R9 and R7 series graphics cards. On Newegg HIS have knocked off $20 from the price of their R9 280 and R9 280X graphics cards and in Europe they have done something similar with many R7 series graphics cards. Other manufacturers are expected to follow suit in the coming week or so. The price cuts should see the R9 280X drop to around $280 and the R9 280 to around $230. We also believe the other cards below will get assigned new MSRPs. The R9 270X should drop in price to around $180, the R9 270 to around $160 and so on. A few examples of these price cuts are as follows:

  • Sapphire R9 280 – $220
  • HIS R9 280 – $220
  • VisionTek R9 270X – $180
  • MSI R9 270X – $180

The new round of price cuts should leave a sizeable gap between the R9 280X ($280) and the R9 290 ($400) which gives AMD room to slot in their new Tonga based graphics card. Based on the price gap AMD is leaving we should expect it to MSRP around $350.

Source: WCCFTech

Image courtesy of AMD