AMD Preparing R7 265 To Fight Upcoming Nvidia GTX 750

AMD’s HD 7850 that the R7 265 is rumoured to be based on

This article is definitely one to take with the relevant precautions because put simply it is a rumour based on a rumour. According to VR-Zone AMD are preparing an R7 265 graphics card to take on Nvidia’s GTX 750 graphics card. Both graphics cards are yet to be released to the market but we’ve seen one of the graphics cards before. AMD’s R7 265 is expected to be a rebrand of the HD 7850 and it will take on Nvidia’s new Maxwell based GTX 750. We have no idea of how this will compare to the GTX 750 because we don’t know how Nvidia’s GTX 750 will perform. All we do know is the GTX 750 has to be slower than the GTX 760 and everyone knows how fast the HD 7850 is so it will be an interesting battle.

The R7 265 should have 1024 GCN cores, 64 texture mapping units (TMUs), 16 compute units (CUs), 32 ROPs and 2GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256 bit bus. The clock speeds of the R7 265 are not known but if they mirror the HD 7850 they will be 860MHz on the core and 4800MHz effective on the memory. In terms of pricing the R7 265 should fall between the R7 260X which costs $139 and the R9 270 which costs $179. Therefore we should expect pricing of $159.

There are no indications of when we should expect to see the R7 265 but presumably AMD will release it shortly before or shortly after Nvidia release their GTX 750. The GTX 750 is rumoured to be launching this month.

Image courtesy of AMD