AMD Kaveri Successor “Carrizo” Confirmed For 2015 Arrival

Reports suggest that the successor to AMD’s Kaveri platform will be codenamed “Carrizo” as we previously detailed before. Carrizo is the replacement for Kaveri, while Kaveri is the replacement for the current Richland APU. With ASUS having just released their A88XM-A FM2+ motherboard it is expected that both Kaveri and Carrizo APUs will be able to use this socket and chipset and it will last well into 2015.

Kaveri has apparently been delayed to Q2 of 2014 while Carrizo is to be released in 2015. Carrizo will continue to support the A88X and A78 chipsets with TDPs of up to 65W. Apparently Carrizo will support DDR4 memory too.

Kaveri is reported to undergo production in August meaning that mass production can start in December. By that logic we can expect to see Kaveri hit the mainstream in February at the earliest.

Image courtesy of TechPowerup, Information from VR-Zone