AMD Kaveri Dual Graphics To Work Only With Select R7 GDDR3 Graphic Cards

AMD has finally launched the Kaveri APUs equipped with the latest Dual Graphics iGPU which was noted to work in crossfire with some graphic cards. We were all exited to see it in action, but AMD came to a bit of a disappointment here.

It is said that the iGPUs will work in crossfire only with the latest Radeon R7 series. Nothing wrong about that, however there is a VRAM type restriction as well. It will only be compatible with the R7 graphic cards that have GDDR3. Having a look at what R7 series cards come with GDDR3, we can see that only the early Radeon R7 240 and Radeon R7 250 have the required compatibility specs. They are the entry level R7 series graphic cards, and further tests courtesy of WCCF show that they are not even suited for games.

AMD has released some performance benchmarks with the AMD A10-7850K and the 2GB GDDR3 Radeon R7 240, but they only show that the PCs are capable of running Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider on PCs that are not capable of running the games with only the previously mentioned graphics card. This shows that the APUs are only destined to give a performance boots to lower-end PCs and will not serve, as we all expected, as a crossfire hybrid between the latest R7 cards and the APUs for the ultimate kick in performance.

Whether or not AMD will tweak the APUs in being compatible with higher-end R7 graphics cards, and not only GDDR3 memory, we will just have to wait and see. Until then, gamers will still have to rely on their top-of-the-line graphic cards to achieve that desired performance.

Thank you WCCF for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of WCCF