AMD Introduces PRO A-Series Processors

AMD introduced its most powerful line of AMD PRO A-Series mobile and desktop processors to date, formerly codenamed Carrizo PRO and Godavari PRO. Along with the new APUs, AMD also introduced the AMD PRO Control Center that features easy-to-use tools such as AMD Energy Saver, PC Health Center, USB Blocker, and Wireless Display.

Mobile users can now utilize even more AMD power than ever before as AMD is introducing the first AMD PRO A12 processor, the fastest to date. It comes with 4 CPU cores with a clock up to 3.4GHz and 8 GPU Radeon R7 cores with up to 800MHz and 512 graphics compute cores. The new APUs also feature a hardware level ARM TrustZone where sensible tasks can be run in a secure environment and it is the first commercial processor in the industry designed to be compliant with the Heterogenous Systems Architecture 1.0 (HSA).

Key features of the new AMD PRO mobile processor include:

  • First commercial processor in the industry designed to be compliant with the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) 1.0 specification to make programming accelerators such as the GPU far simpler, leading to greater application performance at low power consumption.
  • First ARM TrustZone capable commercial performance APU with a dedicated AMD Secure Processor. ARM TrustZone runs on top of the hardware enabling sensitive tasks to run on the AMD Secure Processor – in the “secure world” – while other tasks are run in “standard operation.”
  • First commercial performance APU with a true System-on-Chip (SoC) design to provide substantial gains in CPU, graphics and multimedia performance.
  • First commercial processor with High-Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) decoder capability for mainstream notebooks to stream HD and Ultra HD content.

The AMD PRO desktop chips retain the same socket as the previous APUs but come with enhanced performance. AMD didn’t reveal what the exact model names are or what they are called, but they should be available in HP products starting yesterday and recognizable through the AMD PRO label.