AMD have yet to Comment on nVidia Laptop Testing Fiasco

AMD, who are at the centre of the recent accusations that nVidia altered benchmarks in their Laptop GPU test, have yet to comment on the story despite being contacted by eTeknix. nVidia did however get in touch to set the record straight with an eTeknix World Exclusive!

nVidia told us exclusively that the Asus W90 that was used in the testing was shipped to them with out of date drivers. They also went on the say that AMD don’t offer mobile GPU drivers on their website (which nVidia do) and those available through Asus were the same “year old” version used in the benchmark. Brian Burke from nVidia also went on to say that the W90 that was used was supplied with a slower CPU as that is all that is available to the consumer.

All this considered it is strange that AMD at this present moment, have not commented on what is already is a very interesting and revealing story. When we do hear from AMD, you the eTeknix readers will be the very first to know! Stay tuned!

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