AMD Has No Intention Of Licensing GPU Tech Like Nvidia

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According to a story we brought you earlier Nvidia has begun offering its GPU technology to the mobile market in return for licensing fees in a similar way to ARM. However, AMD has now told X-bit Labs that it has no intention of doing the same.

This is hardly surprising given that AMD scored such a win with the next generation of consoles where it will be at the heart of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Nvidia seems to have turned its hand to the smartphone market to try and make up for losing out on the console business while AMD is likely to be running at full capacity for the next generation of consoles.

While AMD is keeping its chips as PC and console products, it will still be pushing ahead into the Windows tablet market and developing ARM based server products in the forseeable future – though it is unlikely we will see AMD powered smartphones at any stage.

“We have made no announcements regarding the license of GCN or our graphics IP. […] In additional to our ambidextrous approach, our semi-custom business offers customers the ability to tap into AMD’s extensive IP portfolio across x86, ARM, multimedia, and of course our industry-leading graphics,” Travis William, a spokesman for AMD’s embedded and semi-custom business units”

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Although nVidia stated they didn’t care that their chips weren’t in the next gen consoles, I think they’re regretting that now.

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