AMD FX-9590 Benchmarks Revealed

AMD’s FX 9590 processor has been kicking up a bit of a storm recently. AMD’s new CPU is the first to run commercially at 5GHz speeds out of the box. This makes it a one of a kind for the PC market. Now we finally have some results to show you for the AMD FX-9590 courtesy of MacClipper on the VR-Zone forums. Running an extensive suite of tests we can see how the new AMD CPU performs in a wide range of tests. Interestingly the temperatures aren’t that bad, at around 62 degrees under high load though we don’t actually know what the cooling solution was so the main to draw from these results are the performance scores.

While the results appear impressive in the grand scheme of things most Haswell/Ivy Bridge Core i7 chips clocked at 4.5GHz upwards do better and Sandy Bridge-E at 5GHz absolutely demolishes the FX-9590 in in CPU intensive benchmarks. For comparison the i7 3960X at 5GHz scores 14.13 in Cinebench 11.5 compared to 8.62 for the FX-9590. For a staggering $900 you’ve really got to be a loyal AMD fan to want to get one of these. They’ll probably double their cost after a few years of usage in power consumption alone.

Images courtesy of MacClipper (VR-Zone Forums)