AMD FX 8150 AM3+ Bulldozer Processor Review

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I used to be quite a big fan of AMD, when the good old Athlon Mobile processors hit the market. They seemed to offer the best bang for buck in terms of performance and overclockability and they quickly became a hit.

After this, AMD continued to offer typical desktop processors that gave nothing more, until FX came along in the style of the Athlon 64 range of CPU’s. They offered an unlocked multiplier but sadly had a price tag to match, and when news appeared that the FX brand would be entering back into the market, the community was buzzing at the dead being brought back to life. It’s been a long and highly anticipated wait, but it seems that Bulldozer is here and has been one of the most hyped up, talked about launches of the year, so I’m sure that AMD are hoping they don’t disappoint.

We’ve already looked at Bulldozer as a platform including what the FX line-up will bring to the market, but this review will focus more on the performance behind Bulldozer and how it compares against its rivals including the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T  and Core i7 2600k as that’s exactly what everyone is here waiting for aren’t they?

Today sees AMD releasing a whole host of new processors with the FX branding, ranging from new quad core CPU’s, hexa core CPU’s and now the world’s first eight core desktop processor with their flagship FX-8150.

The FX-8150 is what this whole review will stem around, as we’re all enthusiasts here and want to see the best of the best being pitted against the best from market rival Intel.

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11 Comments on AMD FX 8150 AM3+ Bulldozer Processor Review

  • I thought in a previous article it was said that the FX proccessor was intended to combat the i5 initially and that the next version was to go up against sandy bridge e or Ivy bridge i7. The test is important though especially with the Phenom II results being very close to the FX results. I'm surprised that the results were that close to the 1100t 🙁

  • Avatar AG says:

    also sad..:(

  • Avatar TotalyDisappointed says:


  • Avatar Luke Hill says:

    massively disappointed as we all wanted AMD to do well, but in all honesty i think everybody knew deep down that they never would beat Intel :(.

    great review mate :)!

    • Avatar Tianaman says:

      mainly intel pro user's here i see maybe even workers…..I thought in a previous article it was said that the FX proccessor was intended to combat the i5 initially and that the next version was to go up against the i7. well said dude

  • Avatar Grim_Reaper says:

    Thank you for great review and true result 🙂

    To be honest- it's sad, really. But this is not what I haven't expected. I knew it will all end up with this. No point in upgrade to FX-8150. I think I will buy the cheaper 1100T until AMD will launch some real nut-cracker, or Intel will finally reconsider their silly and ridiculous price politics.

  • Avatar John Smith says:

    I wonder how useful this processor is for virtualization. It seems to be stronger in heavily threaded scenarios than in gaming where 1-2 processors get used.

  • Avatar Chris Smith says:

    Wow… Let down much.. As always AMD are fail… They're cheap because they suck… Just like my 1055T 2 extra cores mean nothing neither does 4… I am disappoint.. This has confirmed my next PC will be Intel/Nvidia.. 🙁

    • Avatar Tianamam says:

      well it dose…. maybe your system is just plain poor to start with dude…pound for pound the fx is far better than intel chips.what you save on the price of the processor can be towards a tidy mother board and a few graphic's cards a solid state drive etc….. next you'll banging on about apple being the best thing since sliced bread when really they just steal everyone else's idea's and program's

  • Avatar TheNewerBakery says:

    Well to be honest I am disappointed, but when I think about it for a bit, I know that I shouldn't be. What AMD have done with the FX architecture is exactly that, released the FX architecture. Not only is this the future, but it is also the way that AMD will come back. When we run out of the clock speeds we will need to have new solutions, one of these solutions is threading. Another good thing about FX is not the "super powerful" one that really isn't, it is the quad core 4100. The price range that the 4100 is in is being occupied by Intel's i3 first generation dual core processor. When that is released it will destroy Intel in the lower end of the market and possibly force it's way back into competition.

    All in all it is a disappointment, but in future with the new architecture and a grasp on the lower end of the market, AMD will be able to return in style.

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