AMD FX-4130 Black Edition Processor Review

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Before we get onto the process of putting the CPU through its paces in the benchmark suites, its worth seeing how far the FX-4130 can be pushed when it comes to overclocking and with an Asus ROG board to hand we got the clocking hat on and into BIOS to see how far the FX-4130 will go.

Keeping the voltage at the stock level to start and solely increasing the multiplier to start, 4.4GHz was quickly achieved with a multiplier of 22x and a bus speed of 200MHz. The chip showed that it had more to give and this time we needed to ramp up the voltage to over the 1.5V mark with a bit of load-line calibration to keep the voltage stable under full load. With this extra voltage we found that the chip was able to boot with no fuss all the way up to 4.8GHz, but with a little extra push and a bit extra on the bus speed we were able to get one run at just over 4.9GHz. Considering we were only able to get a single run out of the chip at 4.915GHz, we settled for the more stable 4.8GHz overclock, which in its own right is very impressive at 26% gain.

There is a bit more potential in the FX-4130 when it comes to overclocking and 5GHz is certainly within reach but what we have to account is that getting to this speed will require either a top end board, far superior cooling or a mixture of both, which diverges from the budget appeal that this chip is built for.

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4 Comments on AMD FX-4130 Black Edition Processor Review

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    It would have been a great choice only if AMD have optimized the power consumption.

    We all know that all the FX series processors are infamous for their high power consumption, but I’ve expected an improvement..

    Still, it would be a good choice, but definitely not the best.

  • Avatar xxxpappxxxhu says:


  • Avatar Hood says:

    Great review, very informative, and well written for the most part. Because it was so well written, I was a bit startled at the end when the reviewer said “AMD have rekindled the entry level FX line of CPUs and given them a new leash of life”. What are they, a dog with a zen complex? I believe the phrase wanted was “a new lease on life”. Just sayin’……

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