AMD FX-4130 Black Edition Processor Review

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To test this chip we will run all of our tests at stock speeds, then overclock the chip as far as it will allow and then run the tests again.

Test system:

  • Asus Crosshair V Formula
  • AMD FX-4130
  • Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz 16GB
  • Corsair H80
  • Corsair HX1050
  • Kingston V+100 128GB SSD
  • Lian Li T60

We would like to thank Asus, Corsair, Kingston and Lian Li for supplying us with our test system components.

Many different software applications are also used to gain the broadest spectrum of results, which allows for the fairest testing possible.

Software used:

  • 3DMark 11
  • AIDA64
  • Cinebench R11.5
  • CPU-Z
  • PCMark 7
  • SuperPI

Article Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Test Procedure
  3. Overclocking
  4. CPU Benchmarks
  5. Gaming Benchmarks
  6. Memory Benchmarks
  7. System Benchmarks
  8. Power Consumption
  9. Final Thoughts
  10. View All

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4 Comments on AMD FX-4130 Black Edition Processor Review

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    It would have been a great choice only if AMD have optimized the power consumption.

    We all know that all the FX series processors are infamous for their high power consumption, but I’ve expected an improvement..

    Still, it would be a good choice, but definitely not the best.

  • Avatar xxxpappxxxhu says:


  • Avatar Hood says:

    Great review, very informative, and well written for the most part. Because it was so well written, I was a bit startled at the end when the reviewer said “AMD have rekindled the entry level FX line of CPUs and given them a new leash of life”. What are they, a dog with a zen complex? I believe the phrase wanted was “a new lease on life”. Just sayin’……

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