AMD Fury Is Official and Comes in Three Versions @ E3 Event

AMD CEO Lisa T. Su comes onto stage to talk about Fiji, what we’re really interested in at this event: The AMD Fiji cards.

We’ve had a lot of leaks and information surface up to this event, but now it’s official. The AMD Fury cards are here, the Fury, the Fury X, the Fury Nano and an unnamed dual-GPU card as used in the Quantum system.

The Fury delivers 1.5x the performance per watt over the 290x. Fury will be air cooled and Fury X will be the liquid cooled version of the same card.

The use of HBM memory allows for a much shorter PCB and thereby smaller card. Shown for the first time is the Fury Nano, a six-inch card that produces 2x the performance per watt over the R9 290.

The Fury X will cost around $549 and be available next week. The Nano will be available in July while the dual-Fiji card won’t come until Q3-Q4 this year.