AMD FreeSync Display To Be Cheaper than G-Sync

AMD executive Richard Huddy recently talked at USA’s PDXLAN about some upcoming trends in the market – including a public release of Mantle SDK and Windows 7’s non-support of DX12. More importantly, Huddy took some time out to explain AMD’s FreeSync display, claiming that it will hit the market in December 2015, be better than NVIDIA’s G-Sync and cost less.

This information was recorded and released as a YouTube video just the other day, but has since unfortunately been taken down for unknown reasons (possibly due to AMD PR). Contained within this video was Huddy’s explanation of AMD’s FreeSync features among many other points of interest. Here’s hoping that AMD officially release this information for all in the coming days.

The FreeSync platform is said to be coming with a DP 1.2a display standard and is set to be listed “in the next 12 months” providing monitors at $100 cheaper than NVIDIA’s G-Sync offering. Unfortunately, Huddy didn’t really release much more direct information, seemingly taking this opportunity to PR-spin to a bunch of enthusiastic tech specialists at one of America’s favorite LAN parties.

However, he did mention the advantages that FreeSync will supposedly offer you on release. Alongside FreeSync living up to its name (literally), by providing this technology royalty-free to monitor manufacturers – FreeSync will require no additional hardware to function.

We will ensure to keep you updated on any advancements in FreeSync or any replies to Huddy’s comments about G-Sync as they come to light. Stay tuned to eTeknix for all the latest information.

Image courtesy of EXP review