AMD Displays The Benefits of HDR Colour @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Display resolutions, and the quality of panels used have progressed at a blistering pace. The advent of IPS 8-bit and even 10-bit screens for professional photo editing has made TN technology seem so outdated. While TN still has an quicker response time, IPS panels are starting to catch up and even come in high refresh models. Furthermore, the advent of quantum dot displays and OLED panels results in a more vivid, and vibrant image which almost defies belief. Today, AMD showcased the massive difference between a High Dynamic Range and SDR TV. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to capture the Milo HDR demo and relay in quantitative terms how much better the HDR image is.

On the left, an LG 55EF9500 OLED TV was used, while the right picture is displayed on an LG 4600 LED TV. In simple terms, HDR produces enhanced luminance, and formulates a much sharper image. As a result, blacks are much darker, and there’s a greater contrast between colours. Hopefully you can see from this comparison shot, the enhanced detail and sharper focus.