AMD Confirms Launch Date for the Radeon R9 Nano

We had some pretty awesome reveals of the upcoming Fiji cards in the past. With Fury X and Fury already released, AMD is now focusing on the R9 Nano and their monstrous Dual Fiji card. However, CEO Lisa Su might have slipped in some more information about the R9 Nano at the company’s earnings call.

What we knew so far is that the R9 Nano is a small, 7.64-inch card, that will use High Bandwidth Memory directly on the Fiji chip. This gives AMD the ability to shrink the card to the dimensions listed. Also, the R9 Nano is said to have 4096 stream processors, a 4096-bit memory bus width and most importantly, it does not need a closed-loop liquid cooling solution like the Fury X. The exact specs are not yet confirmed, but we might have an actual release time-frame for the card.

Su apparently revealed that the R9 Nano will be released this August. This means that we are about a month away from seeing it on the market. Up until now, the R9 Nano was expected to be released this summer, but an exact date was not given. Now, since we have an actual release date, we might see AMD revealing the R9 Nano’s official full specifcations soon enough. Stay tuned!

Thank you PCWorld for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Tom’s Hardware