AMD To Bring Radeon Memory Product Line To Europe

Fudzilla reports that AMD will be bringing its Radeon Memory products to Europe after their relative success in the USA. AMD’s memory products are particularly important because it allows AMD to offer its partners more competitively priced AMD bundles which can now include motherboard chipsets, APUs, GPUs, CPUs and memory.

Memory is also becoming increasingly important for AMD as their focus turns to APUs. APUs scale incredibly well with increasing memory frequencies, so for AMD having their own high frequency memory is important. A second aspect is the AMD Memory Profiles (AMP) which is AMD’s answer to Intel’s XMP. AMD is still working hard with its motherboard partners to bring better AMP support and memory compatibility with AMD products. AMD will be offering Radeon R9 Gamer Memory with frequencies up to 2400MHz, these products are produced by Dataram but sold and tested by AMD. Expect AMD Radeon Memory kits to start turning up at European retailers any time now.

Image courtesy of AMD