AMD Announce 2133MHz 16/32GB Gamer Series DDR3 Memory Kits

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AMD has been in the memory business now for quite a while, they initially started working with Patriot as their OEM supplier back in late 2011. On their latest releases they have announced that they are now partnering up with the Dataram corporation.

Their latest release is the AMD Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series memory. These kits run at 2133MHz speeds and are available in 8GB DIMMs, they will support up to 16GB in dual channel and up to 32GB in quad channel. On X79 systems you will be able to use up to 64GB with eight 8GB DIMMs.


AMD is also providing a free copy of their RAMDisk 64GB software which as the name suggests allows you to make a RAMDisk up to 64GB in size. AMD is interested in pushing this higher frequency memory because when used with its APUs, such as Llano and Trinity A10s, you can actually get an extra 22% FPS performance compared to slower 1333MHz RAM. And best of all, they come with a cleanly designed heat spreader and use a fully black PCB.

The AMD Gamer Series memory is part of AMD’s “Unified Gaming Strategy Initiative” that is seeing them get involved in more and more things needed for a complete gaming system. I personally wonder how long it will be before they develop motherboards and SSDs like Intel do.

Features and Benefits of AMD Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series Memory

  • Support for XMP and AMP Technology: Designed and tested to ensure compatibility across multiple platforms.

  • Suitable for Everyone: Great fit for casual to hardcore gamers and everyone in between.

  • Unbeatable Value: Comes with free Radeon RAMDisk 64 GB with enhanced load-and-save as well as lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

  • Stay Cool: Features high-grade aluminum heat shield for enhanced heat dissipation.

AMD’s RG2133 Gamer Series memory will be made available only in the USA and is available right now through their launch partner Newegg.

Currently we can only find the 4X4GB kit listed, for $154.99 on Newegg, bigger capacity kits and dual channel kits are expected to come soon.


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