AMD A10-6800k & A10-6700 ‘Richland’ APU Review

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3DMark 11

3DMark 11 is the latest offering from Futuremark, taking full advantage of DirectX 11 by utilising tessellation features and volumetric lighting. It takes your graphics and CPU hardware to the edge to simulate the most extreme conditions whilst working as a stand point to compare results with other users online.

(Non-APU results use an ASUS Matrix HD 7970 Platinum)

The two new APUs see a close level of performance between the two, which given the fact they share the same GPU (HS 8670D @ 844Mz) is to be expected. Under the extreme pre-set in 3DMark 11, there is only a slight gain in performance over the older Trinity chips, however the Performance pre-set scores do see a good gain taking the Richland chips over the 1600 points threshold.

Overclocking the 6800k doesn’t see much improvement in performance, however 3DMark does focus more on the graphics side of the chips performance rather than the CPU.

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3 Comments on AMD A10-6800k & A10-6700 ‘Richland’ APU Review

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It’s been years now since I’ve taken a look at any AMD processor. The last one I tested was an Athlon 64 3800+ back in 2005 and if memory serves me correctly I was quite impressed with it.

  • Avatar theinsanegamern says:

    real informative benchmarks here…..all you tested was 3d mark? not even one real game? and yet the page is called gaming benchmarks?

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