AMD 1090FX chipset arrives with SteamRoller

As we predicted in a earlier news story AMD will launch the next generation of chipset with the SteamRoller platform. That means the next generation of AMD desktop CPUs, codename Vishera, will continue to utilise the same 990FX/990X/970 and AM3+ platform.

AMD’s SteamRoller platform should bring 10-15% increased CPU performance over Vishera, which should also bring 10-15% increased CPU performance over Bulldozer. SteamRoller will be paired with the 1090FX chipset, this will be the flagship chipset for SteamRoller but we currently do not have any details on whether AMD will release other chipsets like 1090X, 1070 and so on.

The socket of SteamRoller is not known, it seems equally as likely that AMD might continue with the AM3+ desktop socket or change it to a new socket. AMD normally uses each socket only for one generation of CPUs, so it is quite possible that we could see socket AM4 in Summer/Autumn 2013 along with SteamRoller and the 1090FX chipset, as AM3+ has already served its time.

We expect the 1090FX chipset will bring added USB 3.0 ports, maintain its SATA III port offering, offer 4 way SLI/CFX and add more PCI express lanes – currently it only offers 4 PCI express lanes at generation 2 speeds.