Amazon One Day Tech Sales Spotted

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Who doesn’t like making a massive saving on tech? Online retail giant Amazon has just unleashed their one day technology sale to the public, valid for only the 20th of November, 2014.

Unfortunately, no motherboards are included in this offer, but there are heavy discounts made across CPUs, power supplies, hard drives, peripherals and selected accessories. There isn’t quite enough to build a whole computer, but it will put you ahead of the retail pricing race for sure.

The most interestingly discounted products include Intel’s i7-4970 Processor for $249.99, 50% off Seagate 2TB hard drives and $140 off Thrustmaster’s Warthog Joystick. As you can see there isn’t a plethora of products available, most likely due to their heavily discounted nature, but there may be something there to tickle your fancy.

The sale is available for only 24 hours and is running out soon, so if you want in on the goods you must hurry.

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  • Avatar Ashley Moran says:

    Th­is i­s Am­azing! I­’v­e b­ee­n ma­ki­ng $8­5 a­n ho­ur s­inc­e i sta­rt­ed t­o wo­rk on­li­ne 6 mo­nth­s a­go… Wh­at i d­o i­s t­o s­it a­t ho­m­e fe­w h­rs da­il­y a­nd d­o som­e ba­s­ic jo­bs i g­et fr­om th­is co­mp­any th­at i st­umb­led up­on o­nli­ne… I a­m ve­ry ex­cit­ed t­o sh­ar­e th­is j­o­b w­it­h yo­u… i­t’s inc­red­ibl­e!
    -> TR­Y I­T YO­UR­SE­LF! <-

  • I missed it nooooooooooooooooooooo

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