Amazon Cancels Trade-In Programme

Amazon has officially canned their trade-in scheme for physical entertainment goods and ends on August 31st 2015. This isn’t a surprising move considering the poor trade-in prices compared to CEX and cash value on eBay. Also, physical media is being phased out for digital content and takes up storage space for items with a larger profit margin. Nowadays, there are so many digital platforms available including Netflix, Spotify, Steam, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and more!

Of course, there are collectors out there and people who prefer physical media, but they rarely trade-in products towards another item. As a result, it makes business sense to drop this policy and improve Amazon’s digital streaming services. You only have to look at the PC Gaming market to see how quickly digital has revolutionized purchasing habits. Only a few stores stock retail PC games and I presume they are quite a niche outlet. Generally, other media such as film, and books will eventually catch up and be predominately digital.

The only reason to trade anything in is convenience and not wanting to bother with eBay selling. Stores offer pitiful amounts because they know consumers will accept low prices to avoid the hassle of eBay. I do wonder what will happen to retail stores and the second-hand market in an increasingly digital future.

When was the last time you traded in a product, and what was it?