Alpenfohn Sella 92mm Fan CPU Cooler Review

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Alpenfohn may be a brand more associated with their high performance products but today we are examining their Alpenfohn Sella CPU cooler, this is Alpenfohn’s attempt at making a much more budget friendly CPU cooler option. The Alpenfohn Sella is a 92/90mm fan based CPU cooler, similar to products like the SilverStone AR02 and the Cooler Master Hyper TX3. With three 6mm heat pipes, a 900 to 2200 RPM 92mm fan and a pretty thick heatsink – the Alpenfohn Sella promises punchy performance without a premium price point coming in at the sub-£20 region.

With the Alpenfohn Sella we have compatibility with the main sockets on the market such LGA 115X (0/5/6), LGA 775, AM2(+) and AM3(+). There is no official support for FM1 or FM2 (but FM1/2 are AM3(+) inter-compatible) APUs as far as I am aware and LGA 2011 and LGA 1366 are not supported. Though you can buy an LGA 2011 specific version (which they do make). Despite this the Alpenfohn Sella covers the main bases, that is socket LGA 115X and AM3(+)/FM(1/2) so most users will find this suits their platform. Without any further ado let us now proceed through the review and see what this budget CPU cooler from Alpenfohn can offer us.


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4 Comments on Alpenfohn Sella 92mm Fan CPU Cooler Review

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Although I’ve known about them for some time Alpenfohn doesn’t seem to be a bad brand at all even though I’m yet to come across them. I should make make inquiries and see if I can’t lay my mitts on some.

    • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

      I’m not sure what their regional operation is like. I’ve barely seen them in North America or Asia. I think they mainly have European focus and distributors – probably why their global reach is “limited” at best.

  • Avatar Songo Style says:

    Just few deegres of difference beetwen this small CPU cooler and CNPS10X Optima? 😉

  • Avatar marty1408 says:

    The DeepCool 400 FS still seems like a better buy in this segment. It has better mounting, rubber coated silent fan and does give you extra clips for Push pull. All for the same amount of money.

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