Akasa introduces a multi-functional 5.25″ enclosure

Akasa has recently introduced the HDM-23, a multi-utility 5.25″ drive enclosure.

Obviously, this enclosure occupies a 5.25″ drive bay, but it converts it into a variety of functions. You can use it for an exposed 3.5″ bay or a discrete 2.5″ bay for your SSD.

With the 3.5″ bay, you can place a fan controller, a media card reader, or even a floppy disk drive if you still use those. You can also use it for an extra HDD.

The enclosure also features mounting holes to hold drives in the 2.5″ form factor, as found on most SSDs today.

Additionally, you can find mounting holes on the underside to attach a 140mm fan to expand the cooling capacity of your case.

The HDM-23 is as big as an optical drive and will be priced at ¥880 ($11) when it reaches the stores in late January 2012.