Air China Jet Allegedly Hits UFO

The Chinese seem to be having a bit of a run in with UFOs recently if all the stories are to be believed. After sightings of UFOs in the Hubei province amid Alien hysteria, a new story has emerged via the Sun of an Air China jet hitting a UFO while flying 26,000 feet above ground.

A Boeing 757 passenger plane hit something at 26,000 feet and passengers reported hearing a loud thud and the plane losing its balance for a moment. Once successfully landing at the destination airport, it was clear that whatever hit the passenger jet caused a large dent in the nose cone of the Boeing 757.

Specialists say that the dent is simply too big and deep to have been caused by hitting a bird or multiple birds in a flock, a more likely explanation is that the plane hit a surveillance drone of some kind. Naturally “UFO” enthusiasts have been getting quite excited and see the plane as hitting a UFO as the only possible explanation to the dent in the nose cone. These UFO enthusiasts believe that the truth will never be known regardless because of the secretive nature of the Chinese authorities.

Image courtesy of the Sun