AI Potentially More Dangerous than Nukes Says Elon Musk

I’m sure most of you have seen the Terminator movies, the effects of AI and what happened when SkyNet was put into service, sending the world into a downward spiral of destruction and war. Elon Musk has likely envisioned something similar as he tweeted;

Elon is a powerful man in this world, responsible for services such as PayPal, Tesla, space travel technologies and a whole lot more, so you have to assume the guy knows what he is talking about. This is especially true given that Elon is a major investor in AI startup Vicarious.

So while Elon may be working on AI himself, his warning is still valid and the next few years could certainly make a big impact on the world of AI, let’s just also hope we don’t have a SkyNet style situation on our hands, or further down the scale, Toasters that purposely burn your toast because you were rude to them.

Thank you VentureBeat for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of VentureBeat.