AI-Controlled Deer Causes Chaos in Grand Theft Auto V

Since Rockstar Games has decided to open up GTA V’s source code to the modding community, the game has been tinkered with extensively, whether we’re talking about transforming players into animals or removing gravity altogether. However, one of the game’s weirdest and most entertaining mods was created by an artist named Brent Watanabe, and it involves an AI-controlled deer that can actually learn where to go in the game all by itself. The deer is completely indestructible and is able to teleport itself anywhere in the GTA V world. Naturally, it gets into trouble often and comes under fire from tanks and even jets, but it was also spotted walking peacefully on the beach under the moonlight.

Apparently, the deer even has its own Twitch channel, which has racked up over 200,000 views. When asked about this particular project, Watanabe has stated the following:

“The most difficult thing during the creation of the project was simply teaching myself to modify GTA V. There is an incredibly active modding community and I figured out how to programme the mod through a lot of forum searches and trial and error. The biggest difficulty was getting it stable enough to run for 12-14 hours at a time without crashing.”

You can watch the deer in action below.