Affleck and Geoff Johns Writing Stand-Alone Batman Film

Ben Affleck is a busy guy, not only is he taking the role of Batman for the upcoming Batman V Superman movie, as well as the future Justice League movies, but now he’s also rumoured to be working with DC’s Geoff Johns, co-writing a stand-alone Batman movie. To top it off, Affleck would be directing and starring in the new movie.

Of course, we’d love to see this sooner than later, but with so many other projects on the release schedule, don’t expect to see the new Batman adventure until around 2019. At least by that time we’ll know if Ben Affleck sucks compared to the more recent Christian Bale, or any of the others for that matter, Clooney being an exception of course.

It has been reported that Affleck and Johns clicked in terms of creative idea, have started working on a script, and from now on, anything could happen. We know that Johns has written many popular comic books on the subject matter, as well as successful work on various TV shows, so there’s certainly some glimmer of hope that it’ll be an interesting movie.

Are you looking forward to Affleck’s Batman?

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