AeroCool Wants Your Help to Name Their New DIY Kit

Aerocool has made some funky looking cases in the past and it looks like they don’t have any plans to stop that way of thinking. They are getting ready to release their new “revolutionary” DIY kit, codenamed Magic Box, that gives you the flexibility to build a computer case like no other.

The new DIY kit needs a name and AeroCool wants their customers and fans to name it for them. For this, they kicked off a contest to find just the right name, so let your imaginations run wild. The name that convinces the design team most will win and become the official name for the kit.

The really cool things about they AeroCool DIY kit is that it doesn’t just limit you to building and PC case, you can build pretty much anything you want. The final product can be a table, a lamp, a cup holder, a coat hanger, a toy and the list goes on and on. There aren’t any limitations except for your own imagination (and the amount of DIY pieces you have).

AeroCool will of course hand out rewards for the effort and the first place winner with the name that is picked will win two kits while another five sets will go to five random people who entered with valid suggestions. So be creative and you got a chance for some extra freebies.

The entire event is held via a Facebook post on the official AeroCool page where you can reply with your suggestions and read up on the few conditions to enter. Good Luck.