Aerocool Adds Aero-800 and Aero-500 to the PGS-A Series

Aerocool might not be the go-to brand for most when thinking and planning their next system, but it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Aerocool already has quite a few impressive cases on the market and they’ve expanded the lineup with two new ones: The Aerocool Aero-800 and Aero-500 cases that deliver great value for the costs.

The Aero-800 and Aero-500 are part of the PGS-A series just as the already release Aero-1000 is. These cases are however designed for gamers with a limited budget without sacrificing the many great features.

The new mid towers resemble the Aero-1000 quite a bit on the outside, but the insides are different. You can also pick between different colours for each of the two new cases to match the setup and preference that you might have or want.

The Aero-500 will be available in the two most popular colour choices black and white while the Aero-800 will be available in four different colours: Blue, black, white, and grey.

The two cases feature the same clean mesh panels and removable magnetic dust filters that make you system look clean and also stay that way. The front IO panel is located on top on the Aero-500 and on the front on the Aero-800. Both feature two USB 2.0 ports, microphone, and headphone jacks. The Aero-500 also has one USB 3.0 while the Aero-800 has two. You’ll also find a 2-channel 3-step fan controller on the Aero-500.

The PGS-A series has a special focus on being able to provide strong cooling and that includes liquid cooling setups. Both the Aero-800 and Aero-500 support 240mm radiators at the top and front panel. There is of course also the obligatory rear 120mm fan support.

Motherboard support ranges from Mini-ITX over Micro-ATX to standard ATX. The GPU clearance can be up to 390mm in the Aero-800 and 374mm in the Aero-500. Both should be sufficient for pretty much any graphics card. Both cases support CPU coolers with a height up to 155mm.

Aero-800 features two 5.25-inch bays as well as up to five 2.5-inch bays and two 3.5-inch bays. The PSU and HDD area has been separated from the main compartment, allowing better airflow circulation and cable management. Aero-500 on the other hand offers two 5.25-inch bays as well two 2.5-inch bays and four 3.5-inch bays.

The new Aerocool Aero-800 and Aero-500 should be available at etailers and retailers starting this week. The MSRP for the Aero-800 is set to 60.25 EUR and $67.90. The Aero-500 is even cheaper and will be available from 37.72 EUR and $42.50. Prices are excl. VAT and taxes.