Adobe Photoshop Update Brings 3D Printing and Perspective Warp

Adobe has launched its latest update to its Creative Cloud suite. Among the update, Photoshop notably received an interesting feature, namely the addition of a tool for making changes to a photo’s perspective and 3D printing.

Photoshop was not a tool made for 3D models, and Abode confirms this. Its reputation comes from the ability to import third-party models and then finishing the final touches, namely the image manipulation, inside the Photoshop tool. But thanks to a new partnership with MakerBot, Photoshop can now natively print to that company’s 3D printers.


And because of a similar partnership with Shapeways, users can also easily print their designs on the various materials and color options available on that service. Photoshop will even estimate the price for these prints and provide users with previews based on the color and material that users choose. The company is also adding 3D model support to Behance. By default, Behance only displays JPEGs, but Adobe has partnered with Sketchfab to bring embeds for 3D models to Behance.

Besides 3D modelling, the new Perspective Warp feature is also a great tool to have at your disposal. While Photoshop already has a number of warp tools in its arsenal, none of them work very well for changing the perspective of an image without also turning straight lines into curves. With this tool, you simply draw the general outline of the object that aligns with the perspective. Once Photoshop knows the current perspective, you switch from the markup mode to the warp mode and adjust the perspective.

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Images and video courtesy of TechCrunch