ADM 2.3 OS Released for All ASUSTOR NAS Devices

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After the very well received launch of ADM 2.3 on the AS70 series devices, ASUSTOR now released the ASUSTOR Data Master operating system to all models including the 6,3 and 2 series of NAS devices. The update brings a fresh new user interface as well as a bunch of improvements and additions like seamless integration with Windows AD infrastructures, ACL file permissions and multimedia applications.

“ADM 2.3 was extremely well received upon its launch with our AS70 series devices,” said Steve Huang, Product Manager at ASUSTOR. “We are now very excited to release ADM 2.3 for all of our NAS products. Along with the powerful new business functionality in ADM 2.3, we are also releasing beta versions of LooksGood and AiVideo, extending the multimedia capabilities of ASUSTOR NAS and allowing our users to create customized cloud storage with limitless possibilities.

ADM 2.3’s new user interface has optimized loading times and provides users with a smoother multitasking experience and a usage feel that’s familiar with other common devices these days. The support for SMB 2.0 is great and increases the overall transfer performance by 30%-50%. After upgrading to ADM 2.3, users will be able to enjoy a variety of new business applications and features including TFTP support and seamless integration with Windows AD infrastructure.

Worth highlighting is the LooksGood server app and AiVideo Beta mobile app. The LooksGood is a complete media station that allows you to stream your media content via the web interface, and AiVideo is the Android app that gives you access to your files in the palm of your hand. LooksGood doesn’t just allow you to stream your videos and images, it also features a 7-day program guide and can record DVB-T/DTMB digital signals with supported USB dongles.

The Mail Server app features a concise interface and complete functionality that provides enterprise users with a comprehensive and cost-effective mail server. It supports any basic feature such as IMAP and POP3 mail protocols, activity monitor, backup and antivirus mechanisms, spam filter, sender authorization. Each ADM account can also become an independent email account.

A live demo can be tested on ASUSTOR’s website and for more detailed information you can visit the ADM product page.

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