Anvil’s Storage Utilities is a new benchmarking utility that we have started using here at eTeknix, it’s completely free to download and has the ability to test mainly hard drives and solid state drives, but also any other form of storage medium that you can throw at it. As well as testing the drive in a variety of benchmarking tests, it also has a drive endurance test that consistently reads and writes data to the selected medium to give days, months and potentially even years of use in a shorter period of time to see how the drive copes in the longer term.

Looking more towards the IOPS that the SX300 is able to give, ADATA rate the drive for 25k read and 85k IOPS write. Looking at the 4K QD16 tests, the SX300 is able to deliver nearly twice the rated IOPS, whilst write IOPS are around half the rated level.

With compressible data, the write IOPS are a little higher, whilst the read performance is around half that as seen with incompressible data. We still have to consider though that the 3Gbps connection speed does have an effect on the results seen.