A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the drive with its product label removed (which I will note does void the warranty) we can see what the drive is all about and just how much punch ADATA can pack into the small PCB, which measures only ~51mm x 30mm in size.

Naturally the controller of choice for this drive is one of SandForce’s SF-2281 VB2 controllers, which from a long line of experience we know has the power needed to deliver a great level of performance from its long period of testing and proven reliability.

Alongside the controller we find two 64GB 25nm MLC NAND flash IC’s which appear to have no branding on them at all. We would therefore presume that these are produced in-house for this drive and are bought in third party.

 On the end of the PCB are two small LED’s for drive status and activity, lighting up bright blue during operation.

On the underside of the PCB are two more 64GB MLC IC’s and due to the make-up of this drive, there is no over-provisioning, which means good news to all as the full 256GB of storage is at your disposal.