ADATA Launching XPG Z1 DDR4 Overclocking Memory

Yesterday ADATA Technology launched their first DDR4 overclocking memory in the XPG series, the XPG Z1. The new modules support the latest Intel Haswell-E platform for the ultimate performance with all the benefits of DDR4.

DDR4 outperforms DDR3 with improved performance and lower power consumption, operating at a voltage of 1.2V instead of 1.5V. This is a 20% reduction of power that helps keep the system at a low temperature for stable operation.

With speeds of up to 2800MHz and timings of CL 17-17-17, the XPG Z1 can reach transfer bandwidth of 22GB/s. Archiving this speed at only 1.2V should give over-clockers a lot of headroom to play with. In addition, the SPD (Serial Presence Detect) of XPG Z1 allows direct application without changing settings in the BIOS.

It “Looks cool, Acts cool”. The XPG Z1 features a jet wing-inspired design with carbon texture symbolizing the pursuit of extreme performance. Or so it is advertised. Thanks to a unique Thermal Conductive Technology and a 10-layer PCBs with 2 oz copper, the chips in XPG Z1 make direct contact with the heat sinks. This in return ensures the IC and PCB to operate in an environment of equal temperature, as well as reduce electric resistance and consume less power; giving an enhanced quality of signal transfer.

As always, ADATA stand by the quality of their modules and give a lifetime of warranty (local laws my supersede this, example Germany).

Thank you ADATA for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of ADATA