ADATA HD720 Durable 1TB External Hard Drive Review

Drop & Submerge Tests

The ADATA HD720 has a waterproof rating for up to two hours in 2-meter deep water. I can’t simulate water that deep, but I can submerge the drive for two hours in a bucket and check whether it works after such a treatments.

The second major protection on the ADATA HD720 is the shock protection. To test this part, I will be accidentally pushing the drive of my desk a few times and afterward test if it survived this too. The drive has a drop rating of up to 1.8 meters, so desk height shouldn’t be any trouble for a drive like this.

To no surprise, the ADATA HD720 survived both tests without any trouble and still works like it should. The water depth was far less than what it is rated for and so was the drop test – but they simulate real world situations a lot better and the higher ratings just make sure that it will withstand these lesser forces with ease.