ADATA Elite CE700 Qi Wireless Charging Station

Final Thoughts


At $39.99 from Amazon, the Elite CE700 is actually a pretty decent deal considering Qi Wireless Chargers from Nokia and Google run for $49.99. Other Qi chargers on the market can reach completely unacceptable price points. It’s definitely a value since you get the added benefit of being able to stand your phone up while charging which is something I’ve been wanting a manufacturer to release for a while. Right now it’s readily available via Amazon with Prime shipping.


The ADATA Elite CE700 was a pleasure to use. I’m in love with wireless charging right now and it’s because of one small feature that this unit has that others don’t that will keep it on my nightstand next to my bed. The ability to stand my phone vertically and still be able to charge. The only other Qi charging station that I know of that is somewhat similar is the Tylt Vu, but it can only hold your device at a 45 degree angle. It’s also $69 which makes the Elite CE700 an even better choice.

The charging performance was good but nothing special because most similar units output the same 5V 1A. The added benefit of quicker charging of Android devices through a computer USB port is great too. One thing I did notice is that this unit ran a little cooler than other Qi chargers I’ve tested. So that’s another plus in its favor.

In the end I can only give ADATA my praise for finally releasing a Qi charger than I know I will use because of its ability to stand devices vertically. Added with its various built-in safety precautions it’s a product that gives the owner a lot for their money. When it comes to choosing my mobile accessories I’m a firm believer that it’s the small features that really add most of the value to what I am buying and I’m sure that most would agree. ADATA has taken a very simplistic device and has given it an added touch that will keep me looking forward to what else they have planned for their products in the pipeline.


  • Nice black piano finish
  • 12mm slim
  • Great Build. The aluminum back plate was a great choice.
  • $39.99 makes this a steal
  • Multiple charging angles (depending on device)


  • Oddly placed charge port
  • Wish it came with a small pouch
  • Only comes with neon green rubber

“The ADATA CE700 Qi Wireless Charging Station is a must-have accessory with some unique features and for the money is an absolute steal. A slim, stylish and sexy design will leave it looking great no matter the location. A choice of colours would be great, but the neon green does stand out and make it easy to find if sitting next to your bed at night.”

Thanks to ADATA for providing this review sample.