ACTON RocketSkates Score 11 times Their Kickstarter Goal

You’ve probably already seen the Acton RocketSkates and I encourage you to watch the video below if not. They are pretty cool remote-free, strap-in, smart electric skates. The Kickstarter campaign has just ended and the RocketSkates made an impressive total of $550.725. The original pledge goal was only set at $50.000, so the Smart Wearable Mobility skates scored over 11 times their goal.

This isn’t the first mobility product Peter Threadway has started on Kickstarter. He already started, and successfully funded, the spnKiX battery powered and motorized skates and the ACTON M Scooter, an innovative fold-able sit & stand scooter.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”600″][/youtube]

The new skates are “smart” skates that come with an app for iOS and Android phones with dashboard, route tracking, interactive team gaming and wireless control. With the high pledge goal, early funders will get the extra bonus of an ACTON Backpack and an extra set of tires. The ACTON Helmet will not come included as the $700.000 goal wasn’t reached. It’s still impressive.

The skates look like a lot of fun, and easy to use with the strap-in design, but where I live I do see a problem with the limitation of the maximum incline of 5° to 8°.

Thank you Kickstarter for providing us with this information.

Image and video courtesy of Kickstarter.