A Gigawatt of Electricity a Month Passing Through Tesla’s Chargers

Tesla are really making a big impact on the world of motoring and now there are so many Tesla Model S cards on the road, that use many of their Tesla electric car chargers to churn through a staggering 1GW of electricity last month.

1GW is a huge amount of power, in fact it is enough to power around 700,000 average American homes, or even more insane is that the massive Hoover Dam power station is “only” capable of generating around 2GW of electricity. So all Tesla cars are eating through 50% the capacity of a huge hydroelectric power station, wow!

Tesla plans to ships around 35,000 Model S cars by the end of 2014, a steady increase on the 22,477 they shipped last year. The amazing thing about Tesla is that their charging stations are free to use for Tesla owners, as the charging fees come included when you buy the car. Sure there are other companies out there offering recharge services, but they require a subscription or one-off payment to use them.

With Tesla investing heavily in solar power and other reusable energy sources for their charging stations, they’re making a huge effort to offset their power-hungry recharging efforts and so far, it appears to be working incredibly well.

Thank you Gigaom for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Gigaom.