8 Coolest Cloud Apps You Can Expect for 2013

A convergence of several elements has fueled the evolution of the cloud service market. HTML5 has infiltrated the web silently for some time now; its cross-platform, cross-device philosophy plays directly into cloud services. Consumer pressure continues to rise for on-demand services that only the cloud infrastructure can deliver. From the merging of new coding and cloud services, a host of Android cloud apps that deal with the mounds of paper work modern life creates are being born or reaching maturity .

Electronic Signature in the Cloud

Many businesses do daily transactions on-line through web services. Many important documents become legal with a signature and so companies have sprung up offering such services. DocuSign comes as a secure way to send, store and sign documents. It has rapidly developed into one of the most used and trusted eSignature sites in the cloud recommended by recognizable and respected brands.

Any Internet-enabled device, including used cell phones from t-mobile or tablets, become tools for viewing and signing legal documents. A free trial for 30 days gives an individual or business time to try it with their clientele. It streamlines the paperwork process and ensures documents are available with a tap or push of a key.

Bill4Time in the Cloud


Any service that alleviates the stress of tracking bills, invoices, fees and accounting makes for business bliss. Bill4Time offers a free 30-day trial period to explore all its marvelous features. With a dual time feature, it can track any client and non-client time separately. Report formats come as daily and weekly summaries. Advertised as a one-stop service, projects, client names, billing rates, invoices, history and balances come contained within its framework. The client report feature filters data and lets the owner edit and format everything for their business needs. A portal system for clients gives timely information to them 24/7 letting everyone know about the day’s business.

NetDocuments in the Cloud

Cloud services come every bit as organized as a PC hierarchy and as secure. NetDocuments creates a folder structure with a search feature online to help find any information quickly. With a SAS 70 Type II and Truste EU Safe Harbor certification, even conscientious lawyers use the service. A search feature that finds snippets of text in documents lets a person find an exact sentence or phrase when needed. Made for global use, almost all international languages come supported with spell check and a thesaurus within the cloud, so documents become customizable for any client anywhere.

Project Management in the Cloud

Modern work life is fast and furious in many cases. To keep from exhausting the workforce with bureaucratic tasks that distract from the real skills needed, project management becomes a wise investment and makes businesses more profitable. Basecamp does that with its ability to house an entire project on one page. To be ready for the expected cloud explosion, the service updated in 2012 to meet today’s needs.

Within the cloud service, your vendors, clients, contractors and team are all in one place. The project manager has control over who sees which part of the project and who gets grouped together. A discussion feature lets groups come to consensus on details and make decisions. Document organization comes in a dated format that lets a new member view a project’s progress or a veteran review the earlier year’s work in detail.

Remote Access in the Cloud


Many jobs involve working on the go in a variety of venues, so accessing client files and other important documents through a variety of Internet devices becomes premium. LogMeIN gives multiple options for accessing with PC or Mac. HTML5 and cloud-ready its cross-platform capabilities work with Android smartphones as well. Transferring of files, printing, meetings and even maintaining computers happen within this framework. Anyone can get paperwork done or set appointments remotely from their smartphone, tablet laptop or desktop.

MedWatch in the Cloud

Cloud marketing services have integrated rapidly into the healthcare fields for both professionals and patients. MedWatcher collaborates the Food and Drug Administration with a smartphone app. It logs incidents with a medical device, drug or vaccine and sends out alerts and news. Medical staff or a patient who has problem with a device or drug can directly report its adverse effect and the incident report goes to the FDA itself.

Occupational Health and Safety in the Cloud

Protecting the health and safety of employees on any work site is a priority. Lost hours due to accidents affect productivity and in the long-term it saves a business money taking care of its employees. This cloud service offers an online registration that reviews and analyzes the situation. The service offers any ready to use solutions known, best practices, and modifiable forms. Graphic displays help show data in a manageable way. The whole process becomes shortened and accelerated leaving more time and money for implementing preventive measures.

Bank in the Cloud

After earning money, keeping it safe becomes a priority. Cloud services do that. Compushare offers a full service cloud platform for financial institutions. Best of all it takes legacy banking practices and converts them to cloud-based services, then migrates all the data. Cloud services come scalable with ways to increase apps as needed or decrease, resulting in services individualized for clients. Banking hours become 24/7 since any device Internet-enabled allows you to transfer money between accounts or to cards.

Cloud services and cloud apps have become mainstream and have infiltrated the common everyday aspects of our lives. Doing personal or even corporate business through cloud services leaves time for the really important things in life like relationships.


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