5Gbps Benchmark as Ericsson Tests Wireless 5G

Excited by the speed boost your getting from 4G? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet, because 5G is so fast, it can even blow Google Fibre a death blow thanks to its breakneck speeds. Ericsson announced on Tuesday that they’ve tested their 5G network in a hardware trial, reaching a staggering 5 gigabits per second over-the-air with its wireless 5G technology!

5Gbps is a an impressive benchmark and is no doubt conducted under ideal conditions, yet lets think about that number for a moment. 5Gbps is around 250 times faster than LTE, It is FIVE TIMES faster than Google Fiber’s impressive 1Gbps wired connection. It could download a 50GB movie in around 11 seconds, that’s an entire Blu-Ray worth of content streamed in less time it takes you to get a Blu-Ray out of its box and put it in the player.

The downside? The rollout isn’t set to be finished for ages, with launch expected in the 2020. The only good thing is that 2020 is a lifetime in terms of technology, leaving lots of time for smartphones, cars and other connected devices to make the right advances in technology to fully reap the benefits of 5G technology.

Thank you CNET for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Ericsson.