Fujitsu blamed Windows 8’s soft demand for slumping sales

According to a Bloomberg Tokyo report, Fujitsu’s president Masami Yamamoto blamed Windows 8’s sluggish demand, for the company missing their annual shipment target for PCs. He stated that the company has fallen short by 7 Million units according to its October shipping estimate.

Acer’s President Jim Wong also expressed the same sentiment this week, although he didn’t mention any sales/unit shipment numbers. He said said that it could be due to the learning curve on Windows 8’s touch interface.

However, according to CNET U.S. analysts, the demand for Windows 8 PCs is strong across America. IHS iSuppli also said that some vendors simply cannot keep these Touch Screen based Windows 8 PCs on the shelf.

Source: CNET 

Samsung to sell its first smartphones with Tizen OS next year

Samsung is all set to have the Linux-based Tizen OS on their smartphones as its a more “open” platform compared to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. To those who don’t know, Tizen is a Linux-Based OS that emerged from MeeGo. Intel worked with Nokia for development of this OS, but now Samsung have taken over.

Samsung, a Japan based carrier – NTT Docomo and other partners hope that this new OS can be a good rival against Google and Apple. Tizen can be used to power up tablets and TVs. Docomo is involved as they are the only major Japanese carrier to not sell the iPhone and hope that Tizen will help to reverse their subscriber losses.

Source: CNET 

Artic Cooling leaks Haswell Model numbers: Pentium, Core i3, i5 and i7 Models

Thanks to a little oversight  by Artic Cooling, LGA 1150 socket compatibility list was leaked in the open. These are the models of the next generation Haswell processors that we’ll get to see under Pentium, Core i3, i5 and i7 Models.

There are many models within the i5 Series: i5- 4570T, 4570S, 4570K, 4570, 4550, 4475S, 4470T, 4470S, 4450, 4430S, 4430, 4350P, 4330S, 4330.

Under i7 series we find the 4770T, 4770S, 4770K, 4770, 4675T, 4670T, 4670S, 4670K, 4670.

Under Core i3 models and Pentium models, there are Core i3-4240/4240T, Core i3-4225, Core i3-4220 and 4220T, Pentium G3120 and G3100.

A few days ago, it was reported that the 4th generation Core Series processor codenamed “Haswell” was to be delayed until June.

Source: EXPreview

Netgear XAVB5201 500Mbps Powerline Adaptor Review

For a number of years, I’ve had my reservations over the concept of powerline adaptors and this has been a point that I’ve stood against since. This lack of faith was mainly set by a number of different kits that either resulted in very poor throughput (even when plugged in next to each other) or a total lack of connectivity. In a similar light, the concept of transmitting data across a mains cable seems to go against the grain of networking, where running high voltage power cables next to data cables should be avoided to reduce interference and data loss.

As the years have gone on and technology has improved vastly, powerline technology has also come a long way. To see if my woes about powerline adaptors can be set aside and a trust in the technology rebuilt, I’ve been invited to try out one of Netgear’s latest kits, namely the XAVB5201.

For those that are new to the powerline concept, the technology simply uses the existing mains wiring in any building to link together two remote areas that are either too far away to connect by a network cable directly or in a new modern twist, it removes the need to trail cables across the house. There is the argument that there is WiFi for this, but in certain instances, WiFi is not an option.

Playstation 4 may have GPU switching and Dynamic UI

A patent of a technology which belongs to Sony describes a concept of an automated GPU switching process which could hint that Sony is aiming towards a power optimized GPU for the PS4 console.

The patent was filed during 2009 and was published in late 2010. The purpose of GPU switching mentioned on the patent is as follows:

“It would be desirable to allow the context switching to be hidden from the user and performed automatically in the background. Unfortunately, no solution is presently available that allows for dynamic, real-time context switching between architecturally distinct GPUs. The closest prior art is the Apple MacBook Pro, from Apple Computer of Cupertino, Calif., which contains two architecturally distinct GPUs but does not allow dynamic context switches between them. Another prior art solution is the Scalable Link Interface (SLI) architecture developed by Nvidia Corporation of Santa Clara, Calif. This architecture lets a user run one or more GPUs in parallel, but only for the purpose of increasing performance, not to reduce power consumption. Also, this solution requires the two GPUs to be synchronized when the system is enabled, again requiring some amount of user intervention.”

The patent further describes that this “may be implemented as part of a computer system, such as a personal computer, video game console, personal digital assistant, cellular telephone, hand-held gaming device, portable internet device or other digital device. ”

There is also a patent that was filed during September 2012 with the title “game device” which states that the content screen will be more focused on community interaction and be more dynamic than the current home screen of the Playstation 3.

Via: Toms’ Hardware

Samsung Galaxy IV to launch in April, may feature S Pen Functionality

According to a source in Korea, Samsung’s Galaxy S IV might come with an S Pen and the appropriate features that come with it in an effort by Samsung to “unite” the Note and its upcoming flagship model. Its also mentioned that the Galaxy IV will be launched in April.

The Galaxy S IV will be launched with a 5 Inch 1080p AMOLED display to be in contention with other rival handsets.

It’s also rumoured that the flagship model will run on the Jelly Bean OS with Exynos 5440 Chip using 28nm High- K metal gate technology. Also it could be featured with a 13 MP camera on the rear and a 9.2 mm thick body. The S IV could be Note-like device, which could make sense why they’re including the S Pen.

Via: Phone Arena 

New Dead Space 3 demo to come in January, new trailer out in the open!

EA and Visceral games have released a new trailer for Dead Space 3 to explain the series of events from the first two games. The game’s demo is set to hit Xbox Live and PlayStation Stores on 22nd January, 2013.

For PC Gamers you need an EA origin account and you’ll need to register for a free code. Do note that the code is available for a very limited time and is naturally on a first come, first served basis.

Xbox 360 players can get their hands on the demo on January 15, but they’ll need to hurry and get the code via Dead Space’s portal, which is only open for U.S., U.K. and Canada. The codes are again available on first come, first serve and is open till January 14 at 11:59pm Pacific time.


The game will be available in XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC and is set to release in North America on 5th February, 2013.

Source: IGN


Ratchet & Clank: QForce PS3 Review

I’ve been an on and off fan of the Ratchet & Clank games ever since the PlayStation 2 days, but have always fallen short of really getting stuck into what the games have to offer. I’ve casually played some single player and co-op on many of the titles from the franchise on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, from what I did play I know the games were pretty good too, but as I said, I never really got hooked on them.

So when this landed on my desk I at least had a passing fancy that it may be rather good, plus we (my girlfriend and I) had been looking for a few extra co-op friendly titles to play through on an evening.

The game comes from the developers at Insomniac Games, who have always had a warm place in my heart for their superb work on the original Spiro the Dragon trilogy for the PlayStation 1, that and the Resistance Trilogy, all standout games for their respective consoles and generations.

The Ratchet & Clank series has a large following of loyal fans too who will no doubt be looking at this spin-off title with eager eyes, yet where the series is normally known for its platforming action, Qforce makes a change for third-person shooter / tower defence, but has it worked?


Tritton Kunai Wii U & 3DS Headset Review

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Tritton Kunai Wii U Gaming Headset, or first and hopefully not last peripheral review for Nintendo’s shiny new games console. It’s been a long while since we saw some new hardware in the gaming market and its a perfect time to bring out a new range of gaming peripherals, something that MadCatz and Tritton are taking a lead with as they extend their successful Xbox and Playstation products over to the new system.

This headset isn’t new to eTeknix though, it was only a short while ago that I got to review this headset for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. While I expect performance to be at least similar to that edition, there are of course minor differences at play here. The Wii U will have its own sound processing capabilities, as too will its games, the connections are different also. While this may not sound like much that would make a difference, it doesn’t take much to make or break quality audio performance.

Tritton have a rock solid name for them selves within the gaming community at the moment, they’ve worked hard to earn it too. Not only do they have one of the more robust product ranges for gaming peripherals, but they also work closely with many gaming events and pro gaming teams, applying what they learn from these groups to their products. So lets take a closer look at the Kunai (again) and see just how well it handles Nintendo’s latest console.

In flight Wi-Fi could soon become a reality

Ever wished you can access the internet while you’re on a plane, more so during the really long international flights? Hopefully it wouldn’t take long for that to happen on all flights as the FCC adopted a Report and Order about regulatory requirements for broadband services on an aircraft.

It is suggested that there would be broadband modules placed on the exterior of the aircraft with a licensed application and a set of regulations for internet service providers.

The aircraft’s broadband modules would conenct via a fixed satellite service and geostationary orbit space station. Once the devices are approved by the FCC and the FAA approves that the broadband modules do not interfere with aircraft instruments, airlines will be allowed to start installing these units in their planes.

Source: Engadget

Diablo III will not have team deathmatch PvP mode

Its been few months since Diablo III’s release but the game’s PvP mode still hasn’t been implemented yet. Diablo III’s director Jay Wilson recently mentioned in the game’s official blog that team Deathmatch PvP mode is now going to be shelved as he felt that it was not good enough.

Blizzard’s play tester said that team deathmatch eventually becomes boring after few hours and hence the decision was made to replace it with something else.

Diablo III will be getting more geared towards a duelling feature instaed. Wilson stated in the blog post that duelling will be integrated with Patch 1.0.7 which is due for release in early 2013, however he wasn’t to specific about aforementioned duelling mode. He assured that he will be providing details about this feature in the near future.

Via: Toms’ Hardware

Apple fined by Chinese court for copyright infringement of ebooks

A Beijing court have ordered Apple Inc. to pay 1.03 Million yuan/about $165,000 for selling unlicensed copies of books from eight local writers via their app store.

Apple usually requires developers to sign an agreement stating that they have all the rights of the material in their apps that will be sold in Apple’s app store, but the attorneys for the writers argued that the software that was sold in the app store contained unlicensed digital copies of writer’s books.

This is the second time in four months that Apple have had to pay for infringement. The company had to pay 520,000 yuan to a Chinese encyclopaedia publisher during September and they also had to pay $60 Million to a local firm of a Hong Kong based company to settle trademark disputes over the “iPad” name.

Source: WSJ

Grand Theft Auto V to arrive by March 2013?

Amazon have accidentally listed a page for GTA V, which revealed that the game may release on March, 26th 2013. The slip-up by Amazon also resulted in sending confirmation to those buyers who pre-ordered the game.

Do note that even thought this information may not be 100% accurate, the March date from Amazon’s leaks does fit in with the “Spring 2013” release window given by Rockstar Games.


Recently Rockstar games put up 5 new screenshots for GTA V, which made a good impression that deep sea transportation and even using jet fighters in the in-game city of Los Santos is possible. The game is to be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but strangely not for PC.. at-least not quite yet.

Source: VR-Zone

Toshiba launches 20 MP CMOS image sensor

Toshiba recently announced their new 20 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor. Test runs and testing of the manufacturing process for the new sensors will begin in January 2013 and its estimated that mass production will start by August. Toshiba’s TCM5115CL sensor comes with 1/2.3 optical format with backside illumination and aimed for point-and-shoot cameras.

One would question about the quality that these imagining sensors can give, considering the manufacturer’s “mine is bigger than yours” megapixel war doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. It just ends up as a selling point for customers. Nokia did launch the 808 PureView that was featured with 41-megapixel image sensor.

Optical Format: 1/2.3 inch
Resolution: 20 megapixels
Pixel Size: 1.2 micrometers
Frame Rate: 30fps @ 20M pixel, RAW1060fps @ 1080P100fps @ 720P

But Toshiba have said that they increased the amount of information pixels in the new chip, which can store more compared to previous versions of CMOS sensors, so it would be producing better overall images. Time will say how good cameras with these CMOS image sensors turn out to be.

Source: PC World

LG wants Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to be banned in Korea over OLED patent infringements

LG have filed an injunction to ban sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in Korea. According to the notice, LG made allegations that Samsung has violated the design, driver circuitry and device design of its OLED products which altered the viewing angles of the panel used in the Galaxy Note 10.1.
Both Korean companies have been fighting with each other as Samsung retaliated by filing its own lawsuit against LG stating that LG lacked innovation. Earlier this year, a few current and former Samsung Mobile employees were arrested on the charges that they stole and leaked information about Samsung’s AMOLED TV to LG.
LG is also seeking damages of $933,000 per day in case of continued non-compliance by Samsung as by Dow Jones.

Samsung announces a milestone in Development of 14nm chips

The South Korean tech giant recently announced their milestone in development of the 14nm manufacturing process. They’ve also said that they’ve signed an agreement with ARM to share the 14nm process technology.

This will be the successor to the currently available 22nm process that is used by Samsung to manufacture chips in PC, mobile and even embedded devices.

This would result in a major advantage for future generations of SOC devices. The company makes ARM processors for Android powered smartphones and tablets and provides SOC to Apple for the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung senior vice president Kyumyung Choi said, “As we move closer to true mobile computing, chip designers are eager to take advantage of the gains in performance and significantly lower power of 14nm FinFET to deliver PC-like user experience in a mobile device. The design complexities of 14nm require complete harmony between the process technology, design methodology, tools, and IPs. We are synchronizing all the key elements so our customers can deliver their newest chips to market quickly and efficiently.”

Via: PCMag 

Ouya’s dev console gets its first unboxing

Ouya have released a little unboxing of their new gaming console. lucky developers would be getting the cubed console, two prototype controllers, which would have some few changes afterwards, necessary cables and a letter to the developers.

The unit’s casing is made in a way that hardware hackers can open it and do whatever modification they deem fit.


Ouya did warn to developers that this isn’t the final product so there will be bugs that need to be fixed and the letter also gives thanks to the developers for having a look at their console for developing games. It also gave a disclaimer that if any gamer gets a hands on this that this is a dev console and doesn’t have any games in it.

Ouya shipped 1,200 of these dev units to developers worldwide and released a shot of what the consoles menus would look like, for now.

Source: Ouya

WarZ creator apologies for being arrogant and Blinded by early success and quick growth

Sergey Titov, the executive producer of the horror suvival game “War Z”, has sent an apology letter with a 1,875 word count to War Z Players, though none of it has the word “Steam” in it.

The very long apology letter made incredibly short, apologizes for multiple issues that was raised by the players from being banned in community forums for criticizing the game play and misleading Steam descriptions after the game was removed from Steam and costs refunded.

He said:

“Unfortunately, we weren’t prepared for this large success and the way we managed the community was not the way it should’ve been. We relied too much on forum moderators, whose primary role was to punish those who break rules, not to engage the community and guide conversations into productive discussions about problems.”

“We failed to communicate our position and messaging on the outside platforms such as Facebook, twitter and various online websites, and when we did this we chose to rely more on arrogance rather than being humble and trying to understand why people were saying negative things. We chose to tune out negative reactions to the game, not paying enough attention to them – and this, again, is my fault.”

To those who don’t know, WarZ is a survival horror game developed by Hammerpoint Interactive which didn’t survive for long despite hitting the top best-seller charts in Steam on Day one. Players complained about the misleading description, especially about only one map available in the game and with 72 square kms of virtual terrain, no private servers, points system and available skills for in-game characters followed by the absence of hardcore mode as well. When the players complained about it in WarZ’s community forums, they received a ban immediately.

After the series of banned players complained to Steam, the company investigated and eventually removed the title from their listings, issuing refunds straight away.

Source: Kotaku

Asus’ P1801 revealed via FCC, could be named “Transformer AIO”

A filing by Asus to the FCC reveals a model number of the new tablet P1801-T, which could be the final prototype version of the Transformer AIO that was shown at Computex 2012.

Asus’ P1801 also popped up in GLBenchmark, which revealed that the unit was running with the Android 4.1.1 OS, with Tegra 3 graphics from Nvidia giving a 1920 x 1080 resolution and powered by a Cortex A9 CPU.

According to the report by Engadget, the original press release from Computex 2012 stated that the tablet can also be a “wireless display” for the AIO PC, which could mean that this is a part of the Windows 8 OS machine with x86 hardware.

EA’s Battlelog forums and polls hacked (and now restored)

A friend told me me via Facebook with this picture of the poll from EA’s Battlelog forum which suggests that the website may have been hacked.

A day ago, no-one was allowed to sign in, but according to the forum post in BF3’s Battlelog discussions, BF4 Alpha’s link on the forum’s poll was redirecting to a Russian hosting website and asking for Battlelog’s login credentials. According to another forum post, some Russian hackers have added dice tags and spamming forums.

There’s no information available about this (yet) but its best if once the registered members can regain access, that they quickly change their passwords.

Thanks to Shatul for the tipoff :).

Sony Japan discontinues Playstation 2 after nearly 13 years

Sony Japan have halted the shipments of the PlayStation 2 this week. Its not clear if other regions will follow suit, but its a sign that Sony is letting go of the old console.

Sony’s PS2 was launched way back in March 2000 and was responsible for popularizing DVD and the killing of Sega’s Dreamcast console as well. There have been two major revisions since launch and it was during March 2012 where Sony went past the point of shipping over 155 Million PlayStation 2 consoles worldwide, which made it as the all-time best selling console.

Its not a surprising that Sony is phasing out an obsolete console to make way for the new PlayStation 4, which is rumoured to make a debut next year.

Via: Techspot

Intel to introduce 2 newer models of Intel 335 SSD Drive with new casing appearance

Intel will be introducing two new models within the existing 335 SSD series with product code “SSDSC2T080A4K5” the an 80GB Model and “SSDSC2T180A4K5” for a 180GB model. Currently the series has couple of models with 240GB of storage capacity.

The specs of the SSD are not yet revealed, but the existing models use 20nm Intel MLC Flash NAND. The newer models will come with a newer appearance with a part of the casing having a design of a printed circuit board on the top of the SSD with Intel’s logo in bottom right corner.

Intel is expected to have these model shipped by end of January next year.

Via: Chiploco

Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm Fan Review

The infamous beige and brown colour scheme of Noctua fans may be “make or break” for some people’s buying preferences, but that hasn’t stopped the Noctua NF-F12s being some of the most respected 120mm fans on the market. Surprisingly, we’ve yet to take a look at the Noctua NF-F12 fans here at eTeknix and today we’ve managed to get some in from Noctua to have a good look at. In an era when consumers are being increasingly more fussy about aesthetics, quality and noise, Noctua have managed to make a name for themselves with the NF-F12s.

We are going to walk you briefly through the Noctua NF-F12 fans and show you how their acoustic performance stacks up against some competing fans. Unfortunately we can’t do any CFM-airflow tests as we lack the expensive equipment to do so, also using proxy measurements like fan performance on CPU heatsinks is a very hit-and-miss process because different heatsinks require different things – some benefit from static pressure, others from high airflow and others from a mix of both. Add to that the fact you can start playing around with single or dual fan configurations, PWM speeds or fixed speeds like 500/1000/1500RPM, different testing environments like cases or open air test benches and suddenly you’ve got more graphs than you can shake a stick at – let alone draw accurate conclusions from.

Updated Performance Testing on Page 7

Intel integrates VRMs on processors for further cut power consumption

Intel’s 4th gen processor code-named “Haswell” will not only have improved performance, but also a set of integrated voltage modules which will lower power consumption. This is a whole new way of managing the power flow, considering up until now, the VRMs have been found on the on the motherboards. With this implementation, the processors will be able to fine tune the flow of power to the cores.

The integrated VRM will also ensure independent and precise control over the power consumption on each core, the GPU core, system agent and interconnection buses. The regulation will be also supposedly be able to decrease power consumption without compromising performance, even when at full load.

Further more, this technology would be useful in Broadwell chips for notebooks and even smartphones and tablets with Intel SOC. If this is done, Intel most likely will be able to stand against ARM’s processors without compromising on performance.

Source: XBit Labs 

Kabini X4 5110 APU will be AMD’s 28nm top-notch entry-level processor

Kabini is AMD’s next gen Entry level APU which will be replacing the Brazos range of desktop processors. Kabini is to be built on a 28nm manufacturing process and will come in a X-Series and E-Series.

The top model X4 5110 as indicated by Fudzilla will ahve a TDP of only 25w, but there will be some processors with an 18w TDP. The APU uses Jaguar Cores with Direct X 11.1 support and FT3 BGA. The entry level’s Flagship model supports 1866MHz memory and comes with Turbo cores to suit.

It is also being said that to use these APUs you will need a motherboard with the Yangtze FCH Chipset and the onboard GPU would be branded as HD 8310G. AMD would be releasing this in very late Q1 2013 or March, but full production will not go into action until later in June.


4th Gen Intel core series “Haswell” launch delayed

Reports suggest that Intel are going to be pushing back the launch date for Haswell next year. The 4th generation core series was expected to launch in April 2013, but according to the slides put up in the Chinese publication of VR-Zone it will now be launched later between May and June.

Although Intel’s Haswell desktop and mobile series is currently on the cards to be announced between May 27th and June 7th, the sales of the processors will start at June 2nd.

The desktop versions of Haswell processor lineups haven’t changed, but there are few number of mobile processors that have been added to the current lineup.

  • Core i7-4702MQ
  • Core i7-4702HQ
  • Core i7-4700MQ
  • Core i7-4700HQ

Via: WCCFTech 

LG plans to show off their Ultra HD TVs and Full HD Smartphones at CES 2013

LG plans to show many of their 4K TVs and their smartphone, tablet and laptop lineups with 1080p screen resolution at CES 2013 which will be held in Las Vegas.

LG would be showing off UHD panels with 55″, 66″ and 84″ screen size with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (a total of 8 Million pixels), followed by a 30″ 4K screen with a 4096 x 2160 resolution. L.G. brags about this screen by claiming it as the highest resolution computer monitor to date primarily aimed at professionals who require higher than 2560 horizontal resolution. The company also plans to show a newer 23.8″ monitor with Ultra thin bezel. Plans are also in place for the company to show their OLED displays with an “impossibly thin” 4 mm thick panel that weighs no more than 3.5kg.

In the portable device sector, t here will be a 5.5″ 1080p smartphone screen, a 7″ 1820 x 1200 tablet screen and a 12.9″ 2560 x 1700 screen for laptops and a 13.3″ laptop panel with a bezel as narrow as 2 mm and a 4.7″ mobile display with 1 mm bezel thickness.

Via: Mashable