16 Bit Arena Could Become Free and Charitable, All You Have To Do Is Download It!

Remember a little while back I reported on a new game called 16 Bit Arena? Well it’s A new old-school-style game, and while it is available on Amazon and 5 other stores, the developers have announced an all new experiment. From May 16-31 it will be given as a free permanent download, and if enough people come in, it will stay free, with donations enabled. Donators are entered into a drawing with the winner getting a character made just for them; 10% will go to charity.

The game’s existing features are described as:

  • Fighting in turn-based multiplayer battles up to 9v9 with nostalgic old school graphics
  • Entering battle as a Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Healer of either gender, and using a card to transform into any of 16 characters, adding on their stats and abilities to the class’s
  • Elemental properties for every character; collecting gems let the player choose theirs, and cast its magic
  • Gaining Charge during battle allows players to do more damage, boost specific stats, and more- even save turns for later and take down an enemy all at once
  • A high-energy soundtrack featuring real guitar
  • Journeying through eight intense Trials to gain cards and gems for use in the Arena
  • A 2-player tactical-RPG-style Card Game included- a great additional game on its own, it lets the player you earn cards and gems too
  • Site includes a webcomic, updated weekly, featuring the eight Paladins from the game

The game will be free on all six stores, planned as a one-time thing from May 16-31, as opposed to its usual price of $9.99; but during the promotion, if enough people come in (filling even one server completely with 9v9s), the new experiment will begin. Donations will open, and every $5 you send puts you into a drawing to get a character made just for you. If this is successful enough, they’ll keep the game free permanently and do the drawing on a regular basis. If you don’t win, 10% of everything sent will still go to ChildFund (supports hungry children around the world), so either way somebody wins.

For now, with features like strategizing in large battles to the tune of real guitar accompanying retro graphics, this is already a very one-of-a-kind and just plain fun game. The game’s trailer, store listing, how-to-play info and screenshots may be seen at the 16bitarena.com website and I highly recommend you check it out, its something unique in a gaming world that is crowded with FPS titles and Indie madness like this should always be given its moment in the spotlight.