10,000 BIC Pens Used to Create Stunning Sculpture

The BIC pen is one of the most pioneering inventions of the 21st Century and over 100 billion have been produced since 1950. 10,000 pens contributed to a marvellous piece of art by AAU Anastas, Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos from the University of Miami and Yann Santerre for the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) symposium in Amsterdam. The structure was designed to question how existing products are only used for specific tasks and think differently about recycling everyday goods.

As you can see, the end result is absolutely breathtaking and looks quite similar to an expensive crystal chandelier. The design team provided an insight into their ambitions:

“The BIC Cristal pen was obviously not designed to be implemented structurally. However, it has mechanical and aesthetic properties that could change its function.”

“The reflections and diffractions it creates because of its geometry are unique. This project is not about the object itself, but more about the process transforming its initial function.”

“It is about designing with components rather than norms. Thus, we designed the BIC pavilion and truly believe in this way of thinking.”

I cannot imagine how much planning and skilled work was required to make this piece but it sends a pretty powerful message. Engineers and inventors can look at existing technologies to make interesting solutions in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Thank you ArchDaily for providing us with this information.