1000 Precursor Orb Replicas Go On Sale For Naughty Dog’s 30th Birthday

Big fan of Naughty Dog? Celebrate their 30th birthday in style with a Precursor Orb!

The Last of Us developer is offering 1,000 of these polystone replicas for $120 US each, with the Orbs being a big part of the Jak & Dexter series, which Naughty Dog made. The replicas are around 10″ tall and 5″ wide, with an Orb at the top of the base, which is made of stone. The base features the Jak & Daxter logo, and a 30th anniversary Naughty Dog emblem.

Naughty Dog will be selling them between now and when they sell out, which I don’t think will be long for Naughty Dog’s legion of fans, with it estimated to ship in March 2015.

Source: Joystiq.