ZOWIE EC2 eVo Gaming Mouse Review

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ZOWIE pride themselves on being a company focused on bringing you the best gaming peripherals out there, while doing everything they can to make sure the design and looks are not compromised. While ZOWIE’s product range may be fairly limited, covering, mice, headsets, keyboards and mousepads, each product has been designed with a lot of input from expert and professional gamers making sure each one is up to a very high standard. We certainly hope this is the case with the ZOWIE EC2 eVo.

The ZOWIE EC2 eVo as compared to the EC1 is smaller in all dimensions. For comparison purposes here are the dimensions of the EC1: 128 x 43 x 62~70 mm and the same for the EC2: 120 x 40 x 58~65 mm . While you might say that 8x3x 4~5 mm is not much it will certainly affect how the mouse feels to use and it is certainly noticeable in the looks department.

Having the right gaming mouse is crucial if you are a professional gamer or just a gaming enthusiast, they need to be the right shape, the right weight, the right sensitivity. They need to offer the best performance possible to stand out from the other gaming mice on the market. has ZOWIE achieved this with their  EC2 mouse? There is only one way to find out, read on.

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4 Comments on ZOWIE EC2 eVo Gaming Mouse Review

  • sorry, but a review from someone writing; “In terms of performance we found the 450 DPI option extremely low, and you will find this fairly useless for everday applications, although some gamers do certainly prefer this for some not quite apparent reason. ” Is just not serious. This is a FPS gaming mouse, for FPS gamers…… who knows why they are playing with low sensivity …
    And u might want to mention that there is no tracking anymore on the new version, thats kinda THE difference between the two mice =)

  • Avatar Chaucers Left Testicle says:

    Your reviews are interesting and informative but your site is horrible. If you click anywhere you get ad-spammed – it just isn’t conducive to a rewarding user experience and with that in mind I shan’t be visiting again.

  • Avatar David says:

    Until you play osu! with a mouse for 2-3 years you won’t understand the difference in control 800dpi or lowers offers. It makes me sick to think gamers play over 800dpi with the lack of control created by it.

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